Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who

 By JD Phillips

Did you start the new season of Doctor Who and are already desperate to watch more of the new doctor without waiting? Well here’s a handy list of some of Jodie’s best roles to get you through that week-long Doctor Who drought.

“Attack The Block” (2011)

Jodie Whittaker’s best movie role happens to be one of the best sci-fi cult films of the last decade. Here she stars as a woman who is caught up in an alien invasion that infests her neighborhood. If you want to see the thirteenth Doctor go up against aliens this is your best bet until the next episode comes out. Also, it features the breakout performance of John Boyega (Finn from “Star Wars” if you didn’t already know) as the street-wise hero that slowly bonds with Whittaker after a particularly bad first impression.

“Black Mirror” (2011)

Jodie stars in the third episode of the first season of the British sci-fi/horror anthology series, “The Entire History Of You”. Here she plays a woman who deals with the ramifications of a special technology that allows users to replay any memory. Her husband becomes increasingly paranoid that she is having an affair and obsessively replays old memories as an attempt to prove it. The situation only devolves from there. This is a great place to see her go up against the kind of effed up sci-fi “Doctor Who” is known for.


“Trust Me” (2017)

In this British medical series, Jodie plays a nurse who is fired for whistleblowing steals her friend’s identity as a doctor in order to provide for her family. Not only is this a great series where you get to see Jodie play a different kind of Doctor, but it also was recently announced that the series will have a second season, although with a different cast. Something about the lead actress getting a really awesome leading role in some weird sci-fi show. Not sure what that’s about.

“Marchlands” (2011)

This supernatural British drama tells the story of three different families living in the same house throughout three different time periods. Not only is it a great ghostly thriller but it also features another “Doctor Who” actress, the magnificent River Song herself, Alex Kingston in a leading role. That’s two would-be timelords for the price of one.


“The Smoke” (2014)

Before there was “Chicago Fire” there was this short-lived but well regarded British series. This firefighter drama not only featured Whittaker but also featured “Battlestar Galactica” alum Jamie Bamber and “Kingsmen” star Taron Egerton. There’s some great firefighter drama here and a scandalous love triangle with our Doctor right in the middle.

“Venus” (2006)

This is arguably the actress’ big breakout role. Starring opposite the magnificent Peter O’Toole, Jodie plays Jessie, a young woman who moves in with O’Toole’s aging actor as a would-be caregiver. The friendship doesn’t go as either of them planned and they grow closer as the semi-retired actor nears the end of his life. Her spirited turn as Jessie earned her high praise and added a burst of adrenaline to her fledgling career.

“Broadchurch” (2013-2017)

If you haven’t seen this legendary BBC series, stop what you are doing right now and go watch it. This story of a missing boy in a small beachfront town is one of the best crime thrillers ever on television. It hosts a series of gut-wrenching performances and twists that will sit with you long after the credits roll. Not only does it feature Whittaker’s best performance to date, but it also features a host of other “Doctor Who” actors including Tenth Doctor David Tennant, William Hartnell/First Doctor David Bradley, Rory Pond...err Williams Arthur Darvill and many others who have appeared on the series. It is also run by new “Doctor Who” showrunner Chris Chibnall and is arguably the show that got him the job on the sci-fi series.

jodie whittaker broadchurch

There you have it, several of the new Doctor’s best roles. Did I leave any of your favorites out or if you have any strong opinions about any I’ve mentioned, feel free to drop us some comments. Also be sure to check out our review of the first episode of the new series and our continuing coverage of the Thirteenth Doctor.