Red Dead Redemption 2


By Steve Harrell

The purpose of any review is to give you the knowledge of whether a game is worthy of your hard earned money. In today's age, you have options available to wait a short time and get a discount on the game or pay a premium for the game today. This article will try and help you make up your mind on the Game of the Year contender Red Dead Redemption 2.

Not going into the point that the publisher Rockstar took eight years to create the sequel (or prequel actually) to Red Dead Redemption and couldn't give it a more legendary name. This is actually the third game in the series following 2004's Red Dead Revolver. I think Rockstar could have gone with another Red Dead something else and been fine without having to simply stick the 2 on the end.

The game is a masterstroke in beautiful landscapes and adventures. Once you get a couple of hours into the story the world opens up and you can spend hours doing the mini-games and quests available to you. And when I say hours, I mean hours. The few problems that you will find in the game are all time-related. The fast travel system is seriously limited and one way only. And the gorgeous open world setting is huge. Going from one end to the other will take a while and there are no shortcuts if you are not in your camp.

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The game is as in-depth as any I have ever seen. Don't eat, you die quicker. Don't sleep, you die quicker. Don't feed your horse or show it any attention, it won’t come when you whistle. Don’t wear warm clothes in the mountains you will die. Wear too many clothes in the swamp and you will overheat. You get the picture.

This is a game that will drag you into it and then let you roam the world hunting and fishing and robbing to your heart's content, but you should be able to be patient while roaming the world or this game could get tedious. Do not expect a lot of instant gratification but it is still the best video game I have ever played and I highly recommend it.

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