By JD Phillips

If a film that’s equal parts “Inglourious Basterds” and “Resident Evil” sounds great to you, then this is something you’d love. Otherwise, you might not find a lot here of interest. The newest monster flick from Bad Robot may not be in the Cloverfield universe but it certainly would’ve fit right in.

The film begins with a group of soldiers preparing to jump from a plane into France. Pretty standard WWII film stuff. It introduces us to several underappreciated character actors that you will swear you recognize but can’t figure out from where. Jovan Adepo (“Fences”, “The Leftovers”), John Magaro (“Orange Is The New Black”, “Jack Ryan”), and Iain De Casestecker (“Marvel’s Agents of Shield”, “Filth”) are all serviceable in their soldier archetypes.

The real stars here though are Wyatt Russell (“Black Mirror”, “Ingrid Goes West”) who is milking the hell out of finally not playing a stoner millennial idiot and Pilou Abaek (“Game of Thrones”, “Ghost in the Shell”) who is playing the sadistic SS officer he was clearly always destined to play.

Pilou Asbaek in Overlord

Newcomer Mathilde Ollivier is the one who gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop here. Her character has a couple of badass moments but spends the majority of the film being sexually assaulted or just looking angstie.

The film goes through the WWII cliches you know it has to in order to get to the B-movie magic, but it never commits to the latter enough for it to be worth it. The Nazi zombie effects are appropriately awesome but the film never goes full zombie like you really want it to. If you’re hoping for a scene with hordes of nazi-zombies attacking our wayward soldiers in a tornado of blood in bullets, you will be disappointed. In short, it’s not quite “Dead Snow”.


Most of the movie is spent slowly setting up the supernatural MacGuffin so that when they finally get to the meat of the movie it pretty much goes straight for the climax. It feels sort of like a movie without a fun middle part or a big ending twist. It’s fun enough but never quite enough to live up to the hype.

“Overlord” is a fun WWII B-movie gorefest that never quite lives up to its potential but proves to be worth your time (if you’re into that sort of thing). If nothing else, it proves that a proper “Wolfenstein” movie would be a hell of a good time.


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