I’m just gonna come right out and say it, this movie is bad. I’m a huge fan of the original “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, but the more films the team behind it makes, the more it seems as though that trilogy was a “flash-in-the-pan” work of genius that the team has no clue of how to repeat.

Like the Star Wars prequels or the Hobbit trilogy, this film just utterly fails to recapture the magic it wants to. This film, however, doesn’t even really seem to attempt to. It’s just special effects over screenwriting 100%. Unlike those other two franchises, “The Mortal Engines” won’t have any fans or defenders. Instead, it will go down like “Golden Compass” and “Warcraft” as the big-budget fantasy failures that you forgot existed six months after they came out.

While there are a few ideas that could’ve been potentially interesting and a few characters that might have been iconic in a different film, there’s really nothing about the film that’s memorable in any way. Instead of going forward, I’ll just save you some time. Don’t spend your money on this movie and just wait to watch it on Netflix when your bored in about three years. You’ll probably end up just as bored though.